Published on 16 Jun 17 | 7 Months ago

During Champions Trophy semi-final match against Bangladesh Virat Kohli lost his cool at Dhoni after seeing the wicket-keeper give away unnecessary 5 runs as penalty for throwing the ball at his 'lying glove' which was left lose on ground while keeping. The incident took place while Dhoni was attempting his famous blind-sighted run-out against Mosaddek Hossain. भारत बनाम बांग्लादेश मैच के दौरान विराट कोहली धोनी पर गुस्सा होते दिखाई दिए | दरअसल इस गुस्से कि वजह धोनी के बांग्लादेश को दिए 5 पेनल्टी रन थे | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to OneIndia Hindi Channel for latest updates on movies and related videos. You Tube: Follow us on Twitter : Like us on Facebook : Join our circle in Google Plus : Download App:

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