Published on 13 Feb 18 | 7 Days ago

📌BITTER SONG LINKS: 🔹 Rovs Romerosa (music) : 🔹 John Gamba (Lyrics) : 🔹 Bitter song video : 📌ANIMATORS UNITE LINKS : 🔹 Studio 1011 (Lego Animation): 🔹 Romnic TV (Drawing): 🔹 Sly CH (Minecraft Animation): 🔹 Akosi Lelei (Vlog): 📌 MY ROBLOX PROFILE: 🔹 📌 INSTAGRAM LINK: 🔹 📌 ANIMATORS UNITE VLOG: 🔹 My Website: *SEND JOKES: *SEND DRAWINGS: -------------- Prologue: This episode is all about LOVE!! - A special Valentine episode. Find out more, only here at Barangay MegaToon TV! -------------- Want to stay updated for new videos? *Subscribe and you'll get updates for new videos, plus it helps this channel grow! --------------- Resource material credits: Sound Effects by Royalty Free Music by Carefree Melody by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:

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