Published on 13 Feb 18 | 11 Days ago

Thanks to Bill and Melinda Gates for Sponsoring this episode. Read the Gates Annual Letter! ►► Phineas & Ferb's SECRET Hero! ►► SUBSCRIBE for More Film Theories! ► The news makes it seem like the world is spiraling out of control at a record pace. But can you actually trust the information you're getting? The most recent example of news sensationalism revolves around Tide Pods. But are they actually killing our youth like so many news headlines would have you believe? MORE FILM THEORIES Which Incredible is MOST INCREDIBLE? ► SPONGEBOB'S ADOPTED?! ►► You'll Die Before this Spongebob Meme ► Gravity Falls ISN’T OVER! ►► SAO Is the Most Expensive Game Ever! ►► The Emoji Movie is ILLEGAL! ►► Doctor Who Part 3 is Here! ►► Is Eleven the Monster? | Stranger Things ► Like the theme song and remix for this episode? Thanks to CARF!

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