Published on 11 Feb 18 | 9 Days ago

The YouTube world is super opinionated Motha Fixers, but so are we! We went through some kinda mean, yet funny comments from our videos, and decided to clap the F back (for fun that is)! Watch and comment down below something hella mean, but hella funny, and we'll send you a FIX t-shirt! Following Putra & Nicole on Instagram!: @Putra_Sigar @njiawenl New merch coming out this February Motha Fixers, keep a lookout and head to our website to browse! 👇🏽 SHOP OUR MERCH: FOLLOW OUR IG: @FixProductions MORE VIDEOS ON INSTAGRAM: @FixProductions | Fix Productions is an Indonesian-based production house that makes funny ass videos, just because they can. Say hello to us at! INSTAGRAM: @FixProductions FACEBOOK: WEBSITE:

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