Published on 05 Dec 16 | 13 Months ago

Folks from different parts of the society give their take on this beast called demonetization. Follow us on Instagram Follow us on Twitter - Like us on Facebook - Credits : Directed by Tanmay Bhat Creative Directors Girish Narayandass Devaiah Bopanna Writers Girish Narayandass Devaiah Bopanna Vignesh Raja Manaswi Mohta Rohan Desai Cast Tanmay Bhat Naveen Polishetty โ Rahul Subramanian Kumar Varun Shibes Devnath Ranveer Allahabadia Girish Narayandass Check out Rahul and Varun's channel Random Chikibum - DOP Vivian Singh Sahi Executive Producer Naveed Manakkodan Editor Shashwata Datta Online Editor Mihir Lele Music Meher Chumble Assistant Directors Madhura Dalimbkar Jay Pikle Social Media Hitesh Pardeshi Gladvin Picardo Production Executives Sangeeta Rao Second camera Kumar Vivek Lights Cine Craft Camera & Grips One Stop Cine Art Directors Mihir Lele Pankaj Rai Casting (Associate Artists) Deepna Kumar Stylist Gautami Hazra Location Sound Pradyot Mondol Catering Jamma food suppliers Makeup Hasan Ali Shaikh & team Spot Mukund Kamble Salim Location Manager Sumit Singh:

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