Published on 09 Feb 18 | 8 Days ago

ΑΕΚτσήδες κάνουν έξαλλο τον Τσουκαλά μετά το 2-1! 😂 ● 9/2/18 SUBSCRIBE: Like and Share video. _____ FACEBOOK PAGE: INSTAGRAM PAGE: MIXCLOUD PAGE: TWITTER PAGE: _____ Τα αποκλειστικά δικαιώματα του βίντεο ανήκουν στο "Άντε Γειά Official". _____ LAST VIDEO: RANDOM VIDEO: _____ IMPORTANT NOTICE ( COPYRIGHTNOTICE ) : If you ever wish for video to be taken down,please ask. I will take it down immediately. All i ask is that you contact me before filling a claim. I have worked really hard to make this channel and it will be very sad to lose it because of something very trivial like that . THANKS FOR COOPERATION - ΜΚ21 _____ ©

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