Published on 10 Nov 17 | 3 Months ago

Welcome on Nega news hindi channel Hello friends, After winning the series, sentimental Kohli gave the statement to Dhoni, 12 balls before the Mahi brother called me to do so, India-New Zealand Twenty20 final - Indian team has defeated the Kiwi team in an exciting encounter, proving that today's team India is not easy to beat at home. But despite this, New Zealand has given a tough fight to Team India in ODIs and T20s. Once in the final match, losing the team India was seen losing. While batting first, all the big players of the team were being dismissed one after the other. When only 67 runs were scored in 8 overs, it seemed as if some 10-15 runs were left behind India today. After that, when the match started, Munro surprised the team India by hitting six in the first over. But despite this Team India had put Kiwi team out of the match. Indo-New Zealand Twenty20 Final Team India bowling great in match In the final match, the bowling of Team India has really been fantastic. The score was low because it was decided to take the initial wickets of Kiwi as soon as possible. Bhubaneswar Kumar and Jaspreet Bumrah did their initial work well. The team started lagging in the New Zealand match after initial shock. After the last over in Yujwendra Chahal in the middle, there was so much pressure on Kiwi that he started getting a bus after one. Jaspreet Bumrah has now emerged as the best bowler in the world. In the last over, Bumrah had proved that by taking wickets on the first ball, today is his day. Bumrah was also nervous once in the over, but on the last two balls of the over, he had a fantastic return. At the same time, Hardik Pandya did a great finish to his over after the injury. The ball on which the ball was square was stopped by injuring him. Kohli's statement after match-India-New Zealand Twenty20 final After winning the match, Kohli informed that the match was won because of Dhoni. Dhoni was leading the team in the last moments. He only talked to give Jaspreet Bumrah to the 7th over of the match. If he had given someone else over, Kiwi could have returned in the match. But Dhoni told me to give it over to Bumrah, and Kohli also cleared that none of the team's team will allow Dhoni to retire. So by winning the match, Team India has named its first Twenty20 series from New Zealand. The Kohli team has shown that now it is a new-age team India, defeating it is no longer easy task. SHARE LIKE SUBSCRIBE .. Please SUBSCRIBE Follow Us On ► Follow Us On Facebook ► Follow us on google plus ► Follow Us On Blogger ► Like and Share the video if you like it And do not forget to SUBSCRIBE to our channel for latest updates :) NOTE: All content used is copyright to NEGA NEWS, Use or commercial display authorization is not video images not myself Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, the allowance was made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a permission permitted by copyright law that may otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips ***** THANKS A LOT AND CONNECT WITH US *******:

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