Published on 11 Feb 18 | 7 Days ago

Before we get out our pitchforks and crucify (yeah, I know crucifying usually happens with crosses but I bet it can be done with pitchforks) Bobby Portis for flagrant-2ing Tomas Satoransky near the end of this one, let me say that he got mostly ball on his block attempt. Satoransky landed horribly, but it wasn't malicious or anything, unlike the time he punched Nikola Mirotic in the face for existing near him. Feel free to pitchfork-crucify him for that or other actions. But not this particular one. Sorry for spoiling the end of the video, by the way. Must make it tough watching these whole highlights knowing that something terrible is going to happen to our Czech hero. Don't worry, though. His head was only bleeding a little bit. The real tragedy here is that we were robbed of two more potential points to add onto Sato's career-high 25. 25 is already a really huge amount for him, but it's a little on the round side. 27 would put this over the top. 27 is a point total reserved for good players only, while sometimes a scrub or two can luck into 25. Not saying Satoransky is a scrub, just saying that, uh, I was trying to make a point here but I think I forgot it. Satoransky is good though. Definitely. Better than John Wall? No, but maybe better at running a winning team? I haven't decided yet. Stuff like this is hard to figure out. All clips property of the NBA. No copyright infringement is intended. Check out !:

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